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  • Pretend Play In Children

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    Pretend play, also known as creative play, imaginative play, and make-believe play begins anytime from 11 months to 18 months in typically developing children and begins to change into other types of play between the ages of 10 and 12 years. When children are playing pretend, they are playing appearing as if something or someone is real, creating a situation as if there is more going on than what is literally happening. Examples of pretend play would include; playing “mom and dad”, play shopping

  • MOTIV Personality Test

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    MOTIV Personality Test from, is a personality test that consists of 60 questions to calculate ones personality type based on 6 traits. Materialistic (physical appearance/attraction), offbeat (novel/unconventional), thinking (systemic/thorough), interpersonal (selfless/helpful), vital (positive/energetic), and easygoing (calm/relaxing) (Similarminds). My expectations for MOTIV Personality Test's reliability and validity is low. I do not think that this test is a reliable or valid

  • Ethical Issues In Artificial Intelligence

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    In addition to the consideration of ethical, social and related professionals to artificial intelligence is also important to consider the legal issues associated with the field. In the context of legal issues associated with this study are two main issues to be considered. These are particular issues of liability and application of AI to legal systems and processes. (Ref 11) The liability associated with the field can include when humans delegate certain tasks in artificial intelligence that carries

  • Writing Across The Curriculum Essay

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    Description The purpose of this essay is to explain why Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) is one of the most useful tools and movements regarding L2 written discourse learning. Writing Across the Curriculum is conceived as a movement where writing receives pedagogical or curricular attention from outside literature or another English composition program. Specifically, WAC refers to a university-related initiative where the teacher use a writing made by a student as a tool of guidance in their

  • Janell Carrol's Influences On Sexual Behavior

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    Ch. 8, Sexual Attitudes O – [Your Objective Description of the issue you have selected to critically examined] Sexual attitudes are determined by several different factors personal factors. In the text, Janell Carrol says that influences on sexual attitudes includes family backgrounds, ethnicity and religion. The research on familial impacts shows that those who grew up in a more traditional background tend to have a more conservative view of sexual behavior. Other research reports that ethnicity

  • Task Analysis: Needs Assessment

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    Part A Needs assessment involves organization, person and task analysis. The analysis I believe is the most important is person analysis because this helps to recognize who needs training or whether there is a need for training. However, person analysis helps to establish employee readiness for training by whether employees have the personal characteristics such as motivation, attitudes or ability that is needed to insure they master the content of the training program. As well as, the work environment

  • The Impact Of Ostracism

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    Ostracism demonstrates that even the smallest effects of being ignored can affect our fundamental human needs of belonging, self-esteem, control and meaningful existence. Most people have experienced Ostracism in one way or another (Cyber-Ostracism, Social-Ostracism, Physical-Ostracism), being subjected to Ostracism could be as simple as avoiding eye contact. Social media is one of the most powerful up and coming technologies that young adults are experiencing today, we look to our online connections

  • The Importance Of Quantitative Research

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    Quantitative research generates numeric data or data that can be transformed into usable statistics by quantifying the problem. This research quantifies attitudes, opinions, and behaviors, and other defined variables also generalize results from a larger sample population. Measurable data given in quantitative research are used to formulate facts and uncover patterns in research. In this research, compared to qualitative research is more structured. Quantitative research methods includes surveys

  • Literature Review On Workplace Bullying

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    Introduction Bullying has become an epidemic in today’s workplace culture. Which thus negatively impacts the productivity of the institution and creates hostility among the employees (Farmer, 2011). The following information will discuss an article review, witnessing workplace bullying, practices of bullying, and techniques of bullying prevention. Article Review The article had relevant information about the insights of workplace bullying. The article zones in on what the overall intent of the

  • Life Is Full Of Dreams In Langston Hughes's Harlem

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    Life is full of dreams. Even more so of dreams that have wilted away with the breath of time. Some dreams one may look upon with regret, some with bittersweet feelings, and some with a sense of “what if.” Moreover, some dreams fester in one’s mind, ever painful, but can heal when given the right treatment. Looking back on the few years that I have lived, many of my aspirations in life correspond with the similes in Langston Hughes’ “Harlem.” The short but inspirational open-form poem addresses what