Literature Review On Workplace Bullying

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Introduction Bullying has become an epidemic in today’s workplace culture. Which thus negatively impacts the productivity of the institution and creates hostility among the employees (Farmer, 2011). The following information will discuss an article review, witnessing workplace bullying, practices of bullying, and techniques of bullying prevention. Article Review The article had relevant information about the insights of workplace bullying. The article zones in on what the overall intent of the perpetrator is. It describes the characteristics of the bully and his or her intent to sabotage, threaten, or demean another individual. The article provides useful information on how businesses can change these types of behaviors to produce a more…show more content…
My team consists of six people along with our direct manager. There are four women and three men, which includes our manager. There are two gentlemen on the team do not talk to each other at all unless they are working on a project together or are obligated to. One of the individual’s name is Jeff who is a six-foot male. Jeff always makes indirect jokes about the other male on the team named Jared, who is five-feet-four inches. Jeff makes comments about Jared’s height and how uptight he perceives him to be to everyone on the team. It appears that every chance that Jeff can get, he attempts to bash Jared about everything. I feel as though our manager knows about it because the jabs that Jeff makes are extremely obvious. I think that our manager doesn’t want to get involved too much with the situation or doesn’t feel like it is a big…show more content…
By putting a policy in place to let everyone know about the ramifications of workplace bullying should make a positive impact. People need to be educated about the legal repercussions and how it influences those who are being affected by bullying. A lot of people take it as a joke or view it as a form of entertainment, not realizing that it has a psychological effect on the other person. An ethical system that assists with the determining factors of what is right or wrong is prevalent in business practices (Baack, 2012). The culture of the institution would need to change so that people are aware and up to speed on the existing policies in place. Additionally, identifying resources and solutions such as employee training should be implemented to let the perpetrators know that there is a zero tolerance for workplace bullying (Wiedmer, 2010). It is sad to say that the workplace that I am in seems to be normalizing this type of behavior. There should also be manager training for the reduction of bullying and to empower employees to report these incidents (Hershcovis, Niven, & Reich,

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