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  • Cause Of Bullying

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    As of the year 2014, around 3.2 million students are bullied every year (“11 Facts,” 2014). The increasing weight of the issue of bullying is beginning to have lasting psychological effects on children who both experience bullying and are bullies themselves. In order to fully comprehend this issue, it is imperative that the root of this controversy is assessed by looking into what the socio-psychological causes that result in the display of bullying behaviors are. Then we can begin to evaluate the

  • Importance Of Teaching Methods

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    Abstract Involvement of students in improving learning process is directly proportional to enhanced attention span, behavioural management, developing critical thinking and applying knowledge on practical utility. Current research as well as empirical understanding through routine teaching methods show interesting revelations that teaching methods based on student-centric approach promotes interactive learning process. In these incorporative techniques, the ‘Guru’ (a teacher) plays the role of motivational

  • Senses Reflection

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    Throughout the first week of labs, we have learned about processing style, hemisphere dominance, basal profile, 5 steps/5 questions, WOMMP and aspects of participation. In this essay, I am going to talk about how those senses reflect in my own personal life with real experience and events. In regards to information processing style, I have noted that some of the physical senses like kinesthetic (movements/demonstration), visual, and auditory are an important part of my life. There are

  • Maslow And Skinner's Behavior Perspectives

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    Home assignment – The perspectives In this case study there is a women who is called Anna who is almost 40 years old and has had a tough childhood. Her childhood consisted of her father becoming an alcoholic and her mother being very depressed. She lived in the poorest part of the city and she had three younger siblings that became her responsibility to take care of due to her family situation. Anna was raped at the age of 16 which led her to have an abortion and then her father died when she was

  • Johann Friedrich Herbart's Theory Of Education

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    One of the famous successors of Pestalozzi, Johann Friedrich Herbart, was born on 1776 North German and died on 1841 in the city of Gottingen. He was a student of the philosopher, Fichte at Jena University between 1794 and 1797. However, the young Herbart kept himself away from the practical theory and ‘scientific theory’ of his mentor. He developed his own realistic philosophy by using the conflicts inherent in idealistic philosophy. Nevertheless, Herbart remained throughout his life true to the

  • Importance Of Psychological Assessment

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    . Assessment psychology This vastly researched and thriving subfield of psychology is concerned with basic methods used to identify similarities and differences among individual’s personal characteristics and capacities. Assessment involves more than mere administration of tests i.e.: collection and integration of information attained from various sources like interviews, behavioural observations, reports, psychological tests and historical documents in order to attain a complete picture of a person’s

  • My Interest In Education

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    The genesis of my intense interest in education, an interest which has now evolved into an aspiration and a pursuit for a career in the field, happened during my undergraduate studies. A Basic Training Program delivered by the graduates from Yale University (as part of an exchange program) changed my understanding of education and, together with it, the course of my life. Those graduate students were young, vigorous, and highly intelligent, demonstrating impressive teaching expertise. In particular

  • Personality Theory Of Personality

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    One of the issues in personality psychology is the argument between the perspectives of first person (subjective) or third person (objective) into account in understanding personality. Mayer & Korogodsky (2011) argued that reputation is not part of personality itself; rather it is outside of the person because it is interpreted or created by someone else. In its model, personality is positioned inside of the person. Situation and settings is considered to be outside of the person and not part of

  • Factors Affecting Online Shopping

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    REVIEW OF LITERATURE: E-commerce activities are increasing rapidly and globally nowadays. One such important e-commerce activity is the Online Shopping. There are various factors that affect the consumer’s attitude towards online purchase of goods and services. These are as follow: • Product understanding • Shopping Experience • Customer Service • Consumer ability to take risk If any of the above factors lies on the negative side of the dimension, then it would demotivate the consumers to buy online

  • Importance Of Knowledge Management

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    INTRODUCTION In order to transform knowledge into intellectual property, employees have to be willing to share their experience and knowledge with other members of the organization. Knowledge is the power that enables organizations to improve productivity and to provide value to the group and individuals. Intellectual capital is the competitive value of any business system. The appeal of an organization or of belonging to a certain group depends upon the satisfaction of each group member. A manager