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MOTIV Personality Test from, is a personality test that consists of 60 questions to calculate ones personality type based on 6 traits. Materialistic (physical appearance/attraction), offbeat (novel/unconventional), thinking (systemic/thorough), interpersonal (selfless/helpful), vital (positive/energetic), and easygoing (calm/relaxing) (Similarminds). My expectations for MOTIV Personality Test's reliability and validity is low. I do not think that this test is a reliable or valid test to measure personality. Unfortunately this test uses very basic terms to measure personality, giving it "universal validity "(Forer, 1949) and overall very poor validity as the terms apply to everyone and are not valid to denote as a an accurate…show more content…
Similar to the Big Five personality theory, MOTIV Personality Test is based on the idea of seven central motivations (as opposed to five in the Big Five) that explain human personality (attracting, experimenting, planning, helping, being positive, relaxing (Similarminds). Unfortunately, many of these central traits have been aimed for Western societies. Therefore, across different cultures and communities, these type of tests that focus on specific traits may not be as reliable or valid. In other cultures certain traits may not be as prominent, whereas in Western culture, they may be of main value. For example, in Japan collectivism is highly praised, in contrast to the United States where individualism is often more present (Krause et al.,…show more content…
For example, the second set of 35 questions in the MOTIV Personality Test gives participants the freedom to choose between a scale out of 7 ranging from very inaccurate to very accurate. This is beneficial as it gives participants the opportunity to be honest and how they really feel instead of forcing themselves to pick between two or three choices which may not depict how they truly feel. Overall, although MOTIV Personality Test has both beneficial value and critiques, it does not stand to be a reliable or valid test, especially for a wide set of individuals from different

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