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  • Should Parents Use Physical Punishment Essay

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    Should Parents Use Physical Punishments? There have been many discussions about physical punishments of a parent to their child. According to Bonnie Rochman (2011), a total of 80% of parent use corporal punishments. This study shows that most parents feel that hitting a child for misbehaving is the only way that they learn from their mistakes. However, others feel that having to use this type of punishment to a child builds anger and depression. Physical punishment to a child can

  • The Importance Of Technology And Technology

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    The age old worry that "kids these days rely too much on technology" usually followed by the words "back in my day" isn't a new thing. In fact for centuries this has been around and every time it's just a new invention. Before Google it was magazines and before magazines it was books. But what if these inventions don't cripple our knowledge? What if they enhances it? The fact that every generation is suspicious of new inventions and advances in knowledge demonstrates the unhealthy relationship our

  • Persuasive Essay On Bilingual Education

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    Bilingual education is something that all parents should think about getting their children involved in. There are numerous languages that are spoken in the world and it only makes it easier for a child if they have access to multiple languages in their life. Primary schools in the United States should make bilingual education a mandatory requirement, particularly focusing in Spanish, because Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States. People who are bilingual are able to connect

  • Persuasive Speech On Grief

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    Are you in a state of confusion? Have you made the decision that you will get through this loss? Are you confronting your loss and fears? If not, why not? Peace of mind is the ultimate goal of good grief so that one can begin the work of reinvesting in a life in the absence of the physical presence of the deceased. Peace of mind is also an inner strength that has both emotional and biological value of immense proportions. From it flows unexpected joy and a new energy base. But how can a mourner

  • Case Study: Cherri's Behavior

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    No, Cherri’s behavior is not challenging. Some of the behavior described in the case study include tapping on her desk or paper with a pen or pencil, rubbing her legs, rocking in her chair, manipulating silly putty into shapes, blurting out answers to questions without raising her hands, blowing air out of her mouth, clearing her throat, and taking apart her pen and other manipulatives. While her teacher believes these behaviors to be a distraction to her and her peers, and believes that Cherris

  • Persuasive Essay On Emotional Eating

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    Emotional eating can wreak havoc on your mental, emotional and physical health if left unaddressed. It can lead to negative self talk and self deprecation as you continually feel disappointed with yourself each time you overeat or eat poor quality foods. It can leave you feeling emotionally void and unsatisfied as you use food to try to numb yourself or satisfy emotional needs that cannot be met by food. As you continue to make poor food choices and binge, your physical health will also decline

  • Importance Of Personal Branding

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    How personal branding will help you get a job Standing out through personal branding How to create your personal brand in two easy steps Personal Brand: Push your career in the right direction You know many Brands. Nike, Chanel, BMW, Kellogg’s. Just to name a few. What do all these brands have in common? They all represent products; and when you hear or read one of these names you know exactly what they are all about. Let’s take Nike. When you read this name, you immediately picture the red logo

  • Autism Reflection Paper

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    Autism is a lifelong neuro-developmental disability. “It affects the development of the brain in areas of social interaction and communication and is marked by severe difficulties in communicating and forming relationships with people, in developing language and in using abstract concepts” ( O’ Brien, 2015). A person with autism perceives the world very differently from a person without autism. No two people with autism will present in exactly the same way or have the same needs. They are all individual

  • Happiness And Happiness: The Importance Of Happiness

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    Everywhere people go, they see signs that read, “Think positive, be positive,” or, “Worry less and smile more,” as if telling people the right way to live. However, pleasurable emotions lead people away from a very advantageous and innate psychological state­ negativity. People assume that they should feel happy at all times in order to receive the most out of life, but in reality, emotional diversity is the key to experiencing a fulfilled life. Enduring other emotions such as sadness, anger, fear

  • Blended Learning Environment

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    Blended Learning environment has been in the changing trends with the mode of teaching and learning in present higher education system. The empirical research states that in online environment, students self-regulate themselves in order to achieve better outcomes. Recent quantitative studies highlight the role of learners in the online course format as they required high self-regulation in order to achieve cognition, but there are limited reports that investigate the role of learners in Blended Learning