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  • Unit 8 Ver's Journal: Answers About Mental Illness

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    Unit 8 Learners Journal Mental Illness is highly misunderstood. For example, there are some police officers that will mistreat an individual that is diagnosed with a mental illness because they are not aware of their disability. Others, claim to have acted on horrendous acts (e.g., massacres) due to mental illness. 1. What were your previous thoughts about mental illness? Frankly speaking, I knew little or nothing about mental illness. My previous thought was that a person could only become mentally

  • The Employee Selection Process

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    Over the past decades, there has been a surge of interest in studying how job applicants view the employee selection procedures. The basic premise of research on applicants perception of selection processes and procedures has been that these perceptions affect how applicants views the organization his/ her decision to join the organization and subsequent behaviors (e.g., future product/ service purchases, recommendations to others) Rynes (1993). Thus understanding when and why applicants have more

  • Anxiety In My Life

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    Anxiety has been part of my life. It began to take over my life when I reached my adolescent years. This anxiety is beyond shyness and stress that people normally feel, it became chronic to the point it makes me unable to function well. I never quite discussed it with other people, not even to my family, and it negatively affected how they perceive me. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you this extremely personal story of mine; the profound effects of anxiety in my life; signs and symptoms and

  • Is Everyone Happy At School

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    Is anyone happy at school? School as an environment is built in a way that makes it comfortable for some students – but not all. Testing, grading and evaluating skills on a scale that's larger than "pass" and "fail" is bound to create a hierarchy of a sort, where some succeed and some fail. For example the student matriculation examination is designed to fail a certain number of students – someone always has to lose. To reach higher levels of student satisfaction the school system should become

  • Artificial Intelligence Vs Artificial Intelligence

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    The argument over how robots with artificial intelligence could affect employment has been on the debate for more than a century. Technology advancements have altered the way people live nowadays and Artificial Intelligence is certainly on the run to become the hot topic for the human race. What is Artificial Intelligence? It’s basically a combination of math, science and sequence of numbers that’s a simulation of human intelligence processes by computer systems, and machines. In “Outing A.I beyond

  • Humanist Perspective

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    The essay below discusses the psychoanalytic and humanist perspectives. The essay will look at the key concepts, the major causal factors responsible for the perspectives and the methods of discovery used to the explore behaviours. The psychoanalytic theory explains personality development and personality growth. It also explained psychological disorders and unconscious motives and ways in which the people deal with their sexual urges. (Weiten, 1995, pg 473). Freud claims that sexual urge is crucial

  • Essay About Being Yourself

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    BEING YOURSELF You won’t believe me, but it is true when I say that when it comes to advice, one of the most commonly and freely given one is- “BE YOURSELF”. We’ve heard the statement too many times to remember. But what makes me wonder is the fact that what in the world does it mean?? If someone is ill-behaved, does it mean he should continue being the same in order to be himself?? No, right. Then what is it being yourself? Who do you think you are? These are the simplest as yet the most

  • Factors Influencing Clients Satisfaction

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    Chapter - 1 1.1 INTRODUCTION Client’s satisfaction: Client’s satisfaction is one of the measures of how the products and the services are being supplied by all companies to meet up the client’s probability. This is being viewed as the input presentation pointer within the business and is also a part of the 4 perspectives of an objective in the scorecard. This is how the cost-effective open market place where the businesses battle for clients, client’s satisfaction

  • Descartes Self Analysis

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    Midterm Exam Dr. Aquino An integral part of Descartes’ conception of the “self” is what he identifies as the cogito. The cogito is the rationale that he exists because he is “a thinking thing.” He comes to this conclusion because he believed reality could only be reached through reason and logic. Therefore, anything in the external world cannot be known with absolute certainty. He doubts the existence of everything because of this, except the fact that he has the ability to doubt. He obviously has

  • Importance Of Literacy Essay

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    Literacy Essay I was eight years old in the third grade when I realized that English was not my best subject. I struggled with spelling word tests, reading out loud, and writing. I believe because I never performed well in English, the subject never caught my attention. As years past in school, my classmates and teachers helped me understand how important English is and why I should challenge myself to improve my overall understanding of the subject. Recently I decided to revamp my knowledge of