Writing Across The Curriculum Essay

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Description The purpose of this essay is to explain why Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) is one of the most useful tools and movements regarding L2 written discourse learning. Writing Across the Curriculum is conceived as a movement where writing receives pedagogical or curricular attention from outside literature or another English composition program. Specifically, WAC refers to a university-related initiative where the teacher use a writing made by a student as a tool of guidance in their classes. This term was coined by James Britton in the early 1970’s, as said before, to include writing in all disciplines, so students could improve writing and learning in each subject. In other words, as said by David E. Harris and Robert Schaible:…show more content…
It is necessary to mention that students do not write enough and it is compulsory that every student needs to know how to write in every subject. It is essential because according to Steve Peha there ‘‘are five reasons why it is so important that we ask students to write in all subjects.’’ The first one establishes that writing output is a very good way to assess student knowledge. This means, that even though the way of expressing that students have is infinite, writing is one of the simplest and most direct way for them to show what they know about a certain topic. With writing, teachers can assess them about learning and also be aware of their individual points of view, thought processes and the diversity in the classroom. The second reason is related to students and their adult life. Writing is crucial for them when they grow up. Since we were children we needed reading, but after that there was compulsory to acquire information through writing since it is what is expected from us as active members of society. If a teacher shows to students how to write in an efficient way that helps them, they can express themselves and ‘unlock’ their ideas, thoughts and emotions that they will master when they become
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