Ethical Issues In Artificial Intelligence

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In addition to the consideration of ethical, social and related professionals to artificial intelligence is also important to consider the legal issues associated with the field. In the context of legal issues associated with this study are two main issues to be considered. These are particular issues of liability and application of AI to legal systems and processes. (Ref 11) The liability associated with the field can include when humans delegate certain tasks in artificial intelligence that carries the responsibility if something goes wrong and damage occur? This is an important aspect to consider when AIs perform human tasks that used to run and if the task fails or there is any other problem arises there is no one to take responsibility…show more content…
It also has positive and negative consequences, as discussed in detail above. In summary the main ethical issues and consequences in the subject artificial intelligence area include rights of robots, machines rights, privacy threats, and threats to human dignity. Key social consequences, advantages and disadvantages that generated for society as a whole. In addition, other social issues include what the AI applications must be created to bring harmony to the world, rather than the intensity of battles, users need to understand the limits of their tools and agents and AI raises the literacy bar information and computer skills. The consequences have been discussed in detail in the above. Also in this study area includes several professional issues, including lack of government regulations and policies related to artificial intelligence, lack of public awareness in general and concern with the advances in this field and balance between technological advancement over protection and loss innovation and creativity. Moreover compliance with the BCS code of conduct is also a professional issue that needs to be considered when it comes to subject artificial intelligence area. This is because some of the AI programs are already in violation of part of the code of ethics in BCS. In addition, there are legal implications associated with this subject area. These include issues of liability and application of AI systems in government lawsuits that can lead to different legal consequences, given the fact that there is a lack of laws and government regulations governing artificial

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