Janell Carrol's Influences On Sexual Behavior

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Ch. 8, Sexual Attitudes O – [Your Objective Description of the issue you have selected to critically examined] Sexual attitudes are determined by several different factors personal factors. In the text, Janell Carrol says that influences on sexual attitudes includes family backgrounds, ethnicity and religion. The research on familial impacts shows that those who grew up in a more traditional background tend to have a more conservative view of sexual behavior. Other research reports that ethnicity has an impact on how people communicate about sexual behavior, which sexual behavior people are involved in and the frequency of it. Studies conducted on the impact of religion on sexual behavior shows that the more religious someone is, the more conservative their attitudes and sexual behavior are. R – [Your Personal Reflection regarding the issue you are examining] I grew up in rather conservative family and had a somewhat consistent religious experience in the church. Because of these things, I feel that I had a pretty strict view on sexual behavior from young age. Assuming for the most part, like so many others, that sex is bad, talking about sex is worse and thinking about sex was unacceptable. I cannot remember a time when my parents had a positive sexual attitude to any type of sexual behavior. I had also never seen them…show more content…
However, it is those who take advantage of others, treat sex and an insignificant action and those who betray their partners that taint its good purpose. The text along with the remainder of secular society continues to perpetuates the idea that sex does not have an inherently sacred of purposeful meaning. The facts about human sexuality and sexual experience are merely facts. True and although meaningful they do not hold them up to the truth and purpose stated in the bible. The worlds approving and very lose opinion on sexual behavior has challenged those in the church to fall into the same way of

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