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  • How Does Technology Affect Human Behavior?

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    Technology has been very influential in the 21st century. Many people think of it that they cannot live without it. Just like how a teenage child reacts to their parents just to be on their gadgets longer. The internet coverage that a person enjoys makes it even harder to break free from technology. The features and the wide uses of technology in terms of our needs make the people reliant to it (JaguarPC, 2014). According to JaguarPC (2014), there are several cases where technology and social media

  • Adolescence Concept

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    CONCEPTS Adolescence Adolescence is the age when an individual becomes integrated into the society of adults, the age when the child no longer feels that he/she is below the level of adults but an equal, at least in rights or in other words it is a period of sexual ripeness that transforms a child into biologically mature adults, capable of sexual and reproductive health and the potential consequences of that sexual activity. In this stage, adolescents experience not only physical growth and change

  • My Interest In Civil Engineering

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    I am applying for this course, not only because I am interested in it but more than that, is because I have always dream of being involved in civil engineering. Being able to improve the quality of a city or developing states by building lots of infrastructures, leaving the mark of your existence by contributing to society's development is what made me going until this day. Since my country is a developing country, I can see a lot of construction work going on and seeing the process made me excited

  • Happiness In Human Life

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    Happiness plays a pivotal role in everyone’s life, according to Haybron, 2001, happiness can be seen in life satisfaction, but we should not base our evaluation on people’s lives very seriously since we do not know what goes on behind the, being successful. This implies that people would want the things that makes them happy in front of them because it causes their perceived satisfaction to be higher. But there is a big question mark between the two’s relation, if it has a direct relation or a parallel

  • The Importance Of Creative Art In Child Development

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    Creating activities for different age groups can be challenging, we as instructors have to be sure that whatever it is we are instructing is on each child's metal level, meaning younger children will have more basic instruction rather than those who are older having instruction with more detail and regulations to implement when doing an activity. Creative art activities can help children in all areas of development. Child care providers should plan creative activities with the child’s overall

  • The Importance Of Knowledge Questions

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    When we were first introduced to knowledge questions, I interpreted them as any other question, I thought they were similar those we answer in other subjects. As the quarters passed by, I realized how the knowledge questions were different questions, solely based on knowledge and how one question could have multiple answers to it because every individual has a different perspective and approach to the topic. For instance, we began the year learning about conspiracy theories, I feel with the help

  • Low Motivation To Learn English Language

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    Causes of Low Motivation to Learn English Language Elementary Students The cause of low motivation to learn English language elementary students is as follows. 1. The presumption that English is a complicated and difficult language. Most students consider English difficult and complicated, especially for beginners. If the submission of English material is less interesting, students will find it difficult to follow the learning from the teacher. 2. Students lack sympathy for teachers who teach English

  • Essay On How To Improve Your Memory

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    The first way to improve your memory with a good habit is: Get enough sleep Without a good night sleep, you wouldn’t be able to remember the next day. Get at least eight hours of sleep, that six-to-eight hours window is one of the most crucial areas of sleep, It is the R.E.M. sleep and if you don’t get that you are not going to remember what you have learned during the day and you are not going to be prepared for the next day in terms of your memory. In the first two stages of your sleep, your

  • Reading Behavior In Library

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    Academic libraries is provide effective and efficient library service to all their students, faculty, and staff. The behavior I was attracted in are those exhibited by student Unimas take place in the CAIS study areas. Some of these student behavior in CAIS may not be engaging, but supportive nevertheless. Therefore, others behavior may be is other method with the library’s main purpose. Centre for Academic Information Services (CAIS) in Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) was established in early

  • Difference Between Learner-Centred Learning And Human Experience

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    In my opinion,learning take place side by side with Human Experiences.There is no age limit to learn something.Every Human learn from birth till death .It is an ongoing process which continous till death.Learning modifies the human behaviour.Thus it is a permanent change in the behaviour.A person learn from his own experiences as well as he leaens from other's experiences. According to me,learning is a process whereby new knowledge,skills,behaviours and beliefs are gained by an individual or group