The Impact Of Ostracism

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Ostracism demonstrates that even the smallest effects of being ignored can affect our fundamental human needs of belonging, self-esteem, control and meaningful existence. Most people have experienced Ostracism in one way or another (Cyber-Ostracism, Social-Ostracism, Physical-Ostracism), being subjected to Ostracism could be as simple as avoiding eye contact. Social media is one of the most powerful up and coming technologies that young adults are experiencing today, we look to our online connections to feel included and appreciated. However new technologies bring with them new ways to excite existing social problems such as harassment and bullying; cyber-bullying among young adults is a very serious issue today. Having a supportive social network is a vital part of maintaining good physical and…show more content…
Being online might temporarily diminish our feelings of being ignored and unappreciated, but in the end it is only making it worse. The following articles look at the impact of ostracism on our fundamental needs; Belonging, control, Self-esteem and Meaningful existence. Smith and Williams (2004) focused on whether individuals who were ostracized via text would be affected by the experience. They conducted a study of 43 randomly selected individuals (27 women and 16 men), with the mean age of 19.76. Before the SMS interaction commenced, participants were asked to complete a questionnaire that assessed demographic and personal habit information and contained items from the Yamaguchi (1995)

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