Personal Narrative Essay: The Story Of Stefania's Life

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Saving someone other than yourself in a terrible situation is not something everyone thinks about doing, but in this case Stefania not only saved herself but 13 others, and they all lived. Stefania didn’t plan to save all those people it was more a spur of the moment thing, and not only did she help them by getting them food she saved every last one of them plus they all lived to see more days. In life a lot of things go unnoticed, the courage and unselfishness of her mind at that time should not be something someone just forgets about it’s a wonderful thing she did and everyone should know about her. Stefania came from a well known catholic family that served the community, and so when it came to what she did i’m sure it wasn’t in her mind “out of the ordinary/or heroism.” She spent most of her younger days just helping out in the community, and being an average kid. “Stefania had to move to a nearby…show more content…
Stefania was only 16 when she left to care for her 6 year old sister so she knew it was family over everything, and that’s when in 1942 news spread her ghetto was being liquidated. “I decided to help some Jews escape the final roundups by hiding them.” (fold3) The outcome of what she did turned out to be a miracle, she and her peers where not found, and she ended up getting married to Joe when she moved to the US. Today not many of the survivors are still alive, but I guarantee not one of them ever forgot what Podgorska did for them, and how much courage it took to save someone other than herself. Today in the world we live in it takes a lot to actually get noticed for you actions, but I don’t think that it should be that way we need to recognize the good, and that starts with the people who built humanity up, because they started it, and we are here to continue

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