Personal Narrative Essay: All-State 2016

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I pressed the power button on my screen and clicked open the browser. My brain insisted on checking social media, even after updating Facebook multiple times within the hour. I ignored this urge and opted to check out the Washington Music Educators Association website, out of curiosity, for information about the upcoming All-State orchestra event. For the past year, I wanted the opportunity to attend All-State 2016. All-State, a group of the best musicians in all of Washington, an amazing but difficult achievement. During my 8th grade year, I already started practicing the audition materials in preparation for the next year. However, on that Saturday afternoon, my eyes widened as I browsed the computer screen and read, “WMEA 2016 New Audition Materials”. I reread the title in…show more content…
“I’m kidding, you’ll be fine, the music isn’t even that hard.” She reassured me, scanning the music. “Easy for you to say, you’re the best violinist at Newport and you’ve won regional competitions!” I argued, gesturing to her State certificate and four All-State plaques hanging from the wall. As summer flew by, my sister taught me the audition material. I graciously accepted her tips, but in the back of my mind, I kept doubting my ability to play well enough. Soon, school started, piling onto the already sky-high tower of stress and work. As the audition week neared, my head jumbled into a jigsaw puzzle, trying to balance last-minute practicing with studying for four tests. The dreaded day finally arrived. Wednesday, 3:40 PM, marked clearly with blue ink in my agenda. My heart raced and my hands shook as the hour closed in. I rehearsed non-stop in the practice room, until my arms grew tired. At first, my hands, cold as ice, struggled to play the notes, but eventually warmed up. The clock struck 3:40, I peered in and slowly stepped into the silent orchestra room, where the orchestra teacher set up a laptop for

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