Personal Narrative Essay On A Road Trip To NASA

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I heard my mom calling me that breakfast was ready and I heard fast footsteps all around the rooms in the house.I checked my clock and it said 8:25 AM I woke up ran to the kitchen and felt the smell of pepper it was scrambled eggs.I was so hungry I ate it in a snap,I ran upstairs and I had forgotten we were going on a road trip to the NASA we were going on a tour and we were going to see rockets.I forgot to tell you my dad works in the NASA he is a rocket engineer.My mom does not work she mostly is pretty good at cooking.I got into the shower and heard my brother screaming his fat and small his name is Finnegan and then heard my other brother (he is 16 years old tall and skinny his name is Jase) telling them to shut up. I came out the shower and saw my mom asking me which clothes I was going to use because she had bought new clothes.There was a red shirt and a blue shirt I chose the red one because it had cool patterns.I put some pants on and went downstairs I waited there for everyone while I used my cellphone.My mom came downstairs and turned the car on I waited in the car for 5 minutes then everyone got in the car.It was very loud I thought the car was going to explode it sounded like a lion’s roar.We started moving and headed to Kennedy Space center. When we got there a man in a black suit welcomed us and took us inside where my dad worked and…show more content…
I just heard someone say, “We should go explore.” It was my little brother. Then heard “For the first time you have something good to say.” it was Finnegan I agreed with them and then we started to put our space suits and remembered how much time we had been on the plane it was 18 hours

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