Personal Narrative Essay: The Challenges Of My Life

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Trying to fit and be “normal” seems to be almost impossible. We all have different shapes, sizes, and personalities as well as having different stories, challenges, and backgrounds but one way or another we all manage to make it thought. Usually when we try and do something the challenges that come with it sometimes bring us down but sometimes those challenges are what makes us stronger because they help us learn about what not to do next time. I have definitely been many instances in my life where I have felt completely overwhelmed and I just wanted to say I’m done with it, I give up. There has always been something that doesn’t let me do that and I am very glad of that. First, everyone has a story, and it might seem like some people struggle a lot more in life than others but that just makes the story better and makes them a better person. I do not consider myself to be one of the people that I’ve had maybe very hard life because thankfully have always managed to have the basics and remain happy. One experience that has really challenge me and made it a lot difficult…show more content…
I personally got diagnosed with colon cancer and with an operation he got a lot better, quickly, but that only lasted about one or two months. Soon after, he started feeling sick again so we went to the doctor and he told us that the cancer had spread had to his lungs, pancreas, esophagus, and kidneys.That news was very shocking because I’ve never experienced someone having cancer first hand although it’s been off that anyone can talk about because it is becoming so common and that is such a bad thing because it is such a terrible disease. He was completely devastated by the news and he tried to act strong but I knew that it was going to be a very challenging thing took it over and so I made a promise to myself to try and help him as much as I possibly can with anything that you need, that is what I

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