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A New Karate Kid ¨Nothing worth having comes easy¨- Theodore Roosevelt. This quote along with many others have inspired me since I started karate nine years ago. When I was four I started karate and I was the only girl in my class which presented some struggles along the way. As I continued to grow I made friends with people who believed that I could earn a black belt. The support of my friends and my family helped me have the drive to keep working. Imagine it, a small room with blue and red mats as the floor. On one side of the room is a wall of mirrors. The wall parallel is filled with scenic pictures and worn down punching bags. In the area closest to the door are Leytonś family and the many students who have come to support us. Across from us are the five sensei that are administering the…show more content…
I quickly made my way up to the front of the room, standing in front of the five senseis. Nervously I stood, waiting for them to continue. When I looked up at my sensei there was a look of sheer pride. He started to speak but then he stopped and had to look away. ¨It is my pride and joy to announce, that under the permission of Hanchi Bill Maryn, that you are receiving your junior black belt today!¨ All at once the emotion hit me like a train, on the outside all I could do was smile. But on the inside, I was about to explode with happiness. All the time and work that I put in for eight years had finally paid off. I was told to take my belt off but I was confused because there wasn't a belt for me. ¨Now I am going to do something that I have never done, I am going to use my belt in the ceremony because you are like an adopted daughter to me. Please follow me in the ceremony.¨ We both kneeled down, one in front of the other, and we bowed to each other as a show of respect. ¨Please raise your arms. This will be the first strike that you will get from me as an instructor.” he explains to

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