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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Mother's Trip To The Child

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    "We no longer have him anymore…" my dad said crying. I took a minute to process it. Couple minutes later I bursted into tears wanting to know why. Where he went. Why him and not any other dog. I wanted him back my cuddle buddy. My friend that was always there when I needed to let something off my chest. My mom, sister, aunt, cousin and I were at the beach the week before, my dad stayed home to work on the hardwood floors after our pipes bursted that past winter. That week we were having the best

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Walking A Dog Through The Feild

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    yesterday my cousin and i went to walk our puppies after they had done eaten to go poo.we walking the dogs through the feild and then we started playing with them so they can be tired.we walked the dogs through the bricks too play with the kids and while that was happening we had went to bring them home,but instead we walked them a lil lil brother had ask me was i ging get the dogs and i told him yea and he told us too bring them back so he can play with we went back to the bricks

  • Personal Narrative Essay: New York Vs. Texas

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    New York vs. Texas Just because I have lived in Texas for most of my life doesn’t mean I have enjoyed it. My first adventures in New York consisted of many different things starting with my voyage on a subway, then my exploration into Times Square, figuring out how walking is critical in a typical New Yorkers day and finally accustoming to a new cultural lifestyle. My neck hurt for weeks after coming to New York City. As soon as the plane landed, Times Square was on my mind. Walking down the subway

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Growing Up In My Childhood

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    I can do this… I've done it so many times before. But this time was different. I was married and pregnant, and moving into the house where my children would grow up. I couldn't tell if the feeling in my stomach was butterflies, or my baby kicking my belly. I was six months along, and couldn't wait to meet my baby. Μy husband and I had decided that we wanted to be living in our own, spacious house when our first child was born. We also decided to move ourselves. Big mistake. We had to move everything

  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Life With A Little Baby

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    When i was 16 i got pregnant with my little girl Alice Marie Sargent. When i found out i was pregnant i was living with my mom and when i told her she yelled at me for an hour and fourty-five minutes and when she was done yelling she left for three days and wouldn't speak more than a few words to me for a month. When i finally went to the OBGYN i was 4 months pregnant and had to start taking extra vitamins to make up for the months i had missed. When me and wesley got back home to my house all

  • Personal Narrative Essay: How I Could Change

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    I DESPISED change, I always thought that change was always bad, I wanted to keep everything the same. I wanted to stay with my owners, I never wanted to leave my home, but of course, nothing stays the same forever… My owners were acting strange, they were being really nice to me more than usual, they talked about going somewhere but I never understood the rest of what they were saying. I sat on the couch everyday listening to what the owners were saying so I could find out what they were planning

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Drowsiest Day Of My Life

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    I never realized how boring lying in bed all day could be until I've been forced to. There has been literally nothing to do since I was released from the hospital—six days ago—except watch videos on my phone, watch TV, and talk to Tyler where possible. He gave me his number in case I need him. He hasn't come over for two days. The weekend must have kept him busy. I hate Monday's. They're like the gloomiest, drowsiest day of the week. I need a little sunshine in my life. "Knock knock." My

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Watching My Mother's Death

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    I watched my mother fade away slowly as she was battling pancreatic cancer. I looked after her everyday as best as I could; however, the feeling of my eventual solitude was unbearable.The thought of my mother’s imminent demise made me feel like my heart was being continuously stabbed. Watching my mother suffer was one of the hardest things I have ever had to go through. After her passing; something changed in me, darkness filled where love once was. I always knew deep down, that my mum was not

  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Boy Was I Wrong?

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    I never thought I’d be anything more than just a nerd. A mathlete, Star Wars loving, geeky nobody. Boy was I wrong. My story has many more plot twists within it, but that’s not where I want to start. Let’s go back to the very beginning. It started off as just a normal day. I woke up to my obnoxious alarm blaring in my ear. I rise throwing on my clothes, swinging my backpack on my arms, and walking out the door. I slightly skip towards my school, happily moving along. Today seemed like a good day

  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Favorite Night Of The Day

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    Lexi was already outside waiting for me as I pulled up into her garage. She was wearing diminutive cotton shorts and a hoodie, culminating off the look with fluffy duck slippers. I shook my head at how bizarre she was, ever since that day a few years back when we came across a duck pond and we had fallen in love with the place, she had gotten a very strange and unexplainable obsession with the peculiar animals. That day was probably the first sign for me to run as fast as I could, but it was too