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  • Margot Winer Summary

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    Jashiel Singh 21513201 Final Essay This essay will critique the work of Margot Winer, namely her paper, ‘Landscapes, Fear and Land Loss on the Nineteenth-Century South African Colonial Frontier’. It will start by looking at the structural word technique, or lack thereof. The essay will then proceed to look at her opinions and research on the architecture of Coping, Identity, Affluence and Fear. Although the majority of the essay agrees with the work of Margot, there are some points that differ in

  • Northanger Abbey Analysis

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    Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey is a Bildungsroman, a coming of age story that focuses on the psychological development of the protagonist, Catherine Morland. This essay will analyse the language and narrative techniques of the extract, and discuss how this excerpt suggests vicissitudes in Catherine’s personal perspectives and relationships. In addition, it will discuss the ‘domestic gothic’ and abuse ubiquitous in ordinary situations. Furthermore, it will argue how Austen’s rhetorical techniques

  • Literature Definition Essay

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    Literature is the mirror of world that has no end, but it is the reflection of human life. Literature is the broadest sense of writing. It is the writing of art form with intellectual value. Literature represents a language of a people, culture and tradition. Literature is more important than a historical or a cultural artifact. Literature introduces people to new worlds of experience. Literature is the term derived from Latin word, “literature/litterautra”, which means ‘writing formed with

  • Jean M. Twenge Have Smartphones Destroyed A Generation

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    life? Jean M. Twenge’s essay, “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?” gives multiple reasons why smartphones cause negative effects on teen lives: behavior, communication with parents, depression, less sleep, cyberbullying, and suicide. Twenge proves the negative effects through personal interviews with young teens, studies showing the changes in dating, mental health, and the amount of hours you sleep at night. Twenge opens her essay about smartphones with a narrative--a conversation she’s had

  • Multicultural Competency In Counselling

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    clients. Counsellors can be unravelled by the lack of familiarity with culture-specific knowledge, awareness and skills in their interaction with the diverse clients (Arredondo et al, 1996). Multicultural competence in counselling is defined in this essay as the ability to form the therapeutic alliance with a diverse client in a culturally appropriate manner (Arredondo et al, 1996), which refers to the counsellor’s ability to treat the diverse client with the level of dignity and respect that he/she

  • Mnemonic Artifact Analysis

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    This response will focus on mnemonic collections presented by Amy Tan and Liz Rohan. Each author presents detailed descriptions of ordinary objects as well as memories they correspond to. For both authors, the collections serve as a sort of authentication of the identity they have ascribed to themselves in the past, ultimately contributing to their current sense of self. In terms of approach, Liz Rohan offers a more technical analysis of the influence of mnemonic artifacts on identity, citing numerous

  • Irish Song Analysis

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    A comparison of song types within the Irish Singing Tradition The singing tradition is a vibrant and essential facet of Irish culture. From lullabies to lays, keens to laments; all combine to generate a truly versatile genre. All of these song types feature several similar traits; they all stem from an oral tradition, all boast a fruitful history in Ireland and all reflect the emotions of the communities in which they were created. Further to it intrigued me to notice that nods to paganism and supernatural

  • Objectivity In Journalism: What Is An Achievable Objectivity?

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    belongs to one of the most urgent and controversial issues discussed by theoreticians. The question of impartiality in media is actualizing by unacceptable amount of propaganda and unprofessionalism in this sphere. In the modern age of explanatory and narrative journalism when the audience want to see media ‘with a human face’, the question under discussion is how objectivity and impartiality can still exist and do journalists still need it. In this study, there is growing support for the claim that impartial

  • Farm As An Allegory In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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    to Eric Arthur Blair. He was born in Motihari, Bengal, India in 1903. During his young age, his mother brought him to England and was there educated in Henley and Sussed at schools. The Orwell family was not all wealthy and in Orwell’s own personal written essays, it shows that his younger years were not so satisfying. At about five or six, though, he noticed that he had a gift for writing. Orwell went to Eton College and because literature was not an accepted subject for boys at that time, he began

  • Fun Home A Family Tragicomic Analysis

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    comes to the realization that she is a lesbian. Interestingly, Alison Bechdel uses this novel to recount her experience of events that helped to shape her personal identity, which resulted in a transformation of the way she sees herself. In the end, Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic is a wonderful narrative that shows its readers the complexity of personal identity, and how things like sexual orientation, love, the values of society, and politics can all play a part in the shaping of one’s character. Fun