Personal Narrative Essay: She's My Superwoman

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She’s my Superwoman The loud high pitched beeping goes off at 4:30 every morning Monday through Friday and never is never silent from sickness; thirteen hundred kids are relying on her. In 15 minutes, she showers, brushes her teeth, puts her hair up, and is out the door. She doesn’t wear, or need, makeup and the curling iron maybe turns on twice a year. Her skin is soft and porous, but you’d never guess she’s 44. She comes in my room every morning, gently places her hand on me while I sleep and barely waking me, she whispers, “Bye sweetheart, I love you.” Oh her morning voice, it’s the most calming and warm voice. These are the things I will miss when I move out. Fifteen minutes in the dark and she’s the first person in the parking lot. She may not love it, but she does it for me.…show more content…
Her head lies on the side of her hand that’s being supported by the car door. Fifteen more minutes and back home. Her steps are tired when she walks in the door. Back in the kitchen, her tread portrays confidence and ennui; she walks with her head held high. You don’t have to know this woman to know she’s confident at what she does. Two forty-five, her hair comes down, still wet from five o’clock that morning. The stagnant smell from the high school kitchen combines with fruity scent of her shampoo. Crinkles of her honey blonde hair fold on the top of her head from 8 hours in a hat and hairnet; she doesn’t care, there’s other things to worry

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