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  • Ethical Issues In Nursing

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    In the labor and delivery department there was a 28-year-old woman, D.H., gravida 2, para 1, aborta 0. She arrived due to abdominal and pelvic pain for two days, she is pregnant with a son 38 weeks gestational. While in our care she started her contractions and made her way to 3 centimeters with 60% effacement; this was putting D.H. in early stages of labor. When reviewing her files it came to the healthcare staff’s attention that she was a Jehovah Witness. This is an important factor she has expressed

  • Nursing Student Decision Making Styles

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    –based learning on nursing students' decision making skills and styles, and identify the relationship between nursing students' decision making skills and styles. Research Hypothesis: Students who are involved in problem- based learning strategy exhibit higher decision making skills. 2 Materials and methods 2-1 Research Design A quasi- experimental research design was utilized. 2-2 Participants: The study subjects comprised of all 4th year nursing students enrolled in Nursing Administration Department

  • Essay On Cultural Competence In Nursing

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    Cultural Competency in Nursing Asian and Hispanic Populations Culture is best defined as one’s learned perspectives, behaviors, values, beliefs, traditions, and norms that directs decision making and outlook. (Douglas et al., 2014) Culture can influence all aspects of one’s life including views of health care and illness. Cultural competence is the ability of the nurse to understand and incorporate the patient’s culture into the plan of care and it is vital to achieving patient-provider trust

  • Registered Nurse's Abuse In Nursing Homes

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    Abuse in Nursing Homes Not many people know what truly happens in nursing homes. People see nursing homes as great places for their loved ones to go and receive the care they need. In some cases, this is true, but in too many cases this is a false statement. Abuse happens in many nursing homes, sometimes the abuse unintentionally happens, but it does happen. Residents in nursing homes are abused behind closed doors, and not getting the respect they deserve. Therefore, we need to get cameras and

  • Pediatric Nursing Practicum Case Studies

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    items by reference to previous studies such as practical reports of nursing teachers who were in charge of Pediatric Nursing Practicum, especially the qualitative study conducted by Shiba and Yamaguchi (2012). We created two sub-concepts, “judgments on the necessity of intervention” and “educational intervention” (Figure 1) from nursing teachers' judgments and behaviors for supporting the construction of relationship between nursing students and child patients, clarified by a previous study (Shiba

  • Comparison Of Theory And Popular Nursing Theories

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    Orem defined nursing as the “act of assisting others in the provision and management of self-care to maintain or improve human functioning at home level of effectiveness.” As explained by Orem, the first idea within her perspective of theory-based nursing is that “self-care deficit theory” is a practice theory.” The second idea is that nurse select and subsequently uses self-care deficit nursing theory in practice (Renpenning & Taylor, 2003). The goal of nursing is thus to help the client

  • Care Worker Role

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    For the purpose of this essay I will be discussing my understanding of the role of a social care worker. My chosen area of discussion is the role of a social care worker working with children in care. As part of my research on this topic I have interviewed a third year student who has completed a placement in this area. To fully understand the role of a social care worker in this area I think it is necessary to understand the background on what is social care work, a social care worker a brief description

  • Leaving A Nursing Home Research Paper

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    patients, but it happens. Nursing homes are not all bad. Even if some patients are not cared for properly, those are just some cases. There are so many good things about a nursing home. For instance, my grandma was a widow for a few years whenever she went into a nursing home and found herself a boyfriend. They also have bingo and other fun activities for them to participate in. Around Christmas time, different organization go in and sing carols for the patients. At nursing homes, everyone gets to

  • Nursing Home Neglect Research Paper

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    Nursing Home Neglect Estimates indicate that approximately 10 percent of the elderly population are neglected, abused or exploited every year. In 2050, the elderly population — those aged 65 and up — is expected to reach nearly 90 million, as opposed to the 40 million in 2010, consequently increasing the number of nursing home residents throughout the nation. Nursing homes need to address this problem today, so they can prepare for tomorrow. Federal Regulations Regarding Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

  • Expansion Of Expansion In A Nursing Home Holophrase

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    a child looks up and covers their ears when a plan is passing over their parents might say “yes, that’s a loud airplane.” Holophrases Is a single word often conveys an entire sentence worth of meaning. At a nursing home holophrases are used just as much as a daycare would use them. Nursing homes have people who have had a stroke or a heart attack and they cannot speak very