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  • Residential Nursing Home Case Study

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    Aboriginal women are hesitant to seek healthcare for themselves and make them reluctant to visit their children in the hospital due to discrimination and fear of their child being apprehended. However, the majority of these Aboriginal women stated they would not hesitate to seek medical help if their child was ill (Denison et al., 2014). If a nurse carried a belief that all Aboriginal mothers are not capable of being good mothers, the reluctance of the mothers wanting to stay in the hospital could

  • Essay On Personal Hygiene

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    pharmacological aids and health care in our society there is a rise on the elderly population. Do to this rise, there is an increase in nursing home residents which created a higher demand for Certified Nursing Assistants or CNA’s in order to match the increased demand in personal care. The demand was so great that is was reported “that more that 90% of America’s nursing homes had too few workers” (Hefner pg.283). With numerous CNA’s over booked with patients and daily individual patient health schedules

  • Nursing Case Study On Asthmacology

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    CC Lisa is a 43-year-old female here today with complaints of a cough. HPI The patient tells me she told the friend her friend Tess that she had a cough in order to get in the door. She says she just really wants to talk about getting a low dose CT scan. The patient tells me she has been a smoker since the age of 12 and she smoked on and off. Over the years, she has been on multiple trials of Chantix, more recently has been using it again for the last five days. She has been prescribed this through

  • Sample Nursing Case Studies

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    CC Melissa is a 21-year-old female here today complaining of a possible urinary tract infection. HPI The patient tells me her symptoms started about two days ago. She has noticed burning, particularly at the end of urination. She has had urinary frequency, but says this is not completely out of the ordinary for her, because she drinks lots of water. She has had some urgency and dysuria, as well as the feeling of incompletely emptying her bladder. She has been drinking lots of fluids, as mentioned

  • Sample Nursing Case Study

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    CC Ms. Johnson is a 37-year-old female here today complaining of pain in the right hip and groin area. HPI The patient tells me it started about a week ago. She had been trying to do a lot of stretches, lately. She is trying to exercise. She is really working towards trying to lose some weight. She does not recall a specific injury or trauma, but thinks it is when she was stretching that she started noticing some pain in the right hip and groin area. Over the weekend, after noticing this

  • Importance Of Fall Safety In Nursing

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    Patient safety is the foundation of high quality health care. Patients came to hospital to get better from their sickness not to have more complications from preventable incidents. One of the major threats to patient safety during hospitalization is fall. Fall can cause additional injury or illness that can affect quality of life and recovery. Nurses play a critical role in patient safety through their constant presence at the bed side. Karen Drenkared, PH. ,D. ,RN,FAAN states that nurses are the

  • Pros And Cons Of Beneficetions In Nursing Care

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    There is an array of housing options available to seniors, from staying in their home to specialized facilities that provide twenty-four hour nursing care. Each option has pros and cons when making a decision of where the client should live when discharged. Ethically, all of these issues need to be discussed with the family members involved with care so they know all the options. Each family is different, for this client he wanted his wife and his three children to be involved in this decision process

  • Budget Analysis: Nurs330: Nursing Leadership And Management

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    Budget Analysis Samwel Rorya Southwestern college professional studies NURS330: Nursing Leadership and Management Instructor: Rhnae Steddum August 2, 2015   Budget Analysis Budget is a plan where a business calculates its expenses versus the incoming revenue for a specific period of time. Sullivan (2013) defines budget as a quantitative statement, usually in monetary terms, of the plans and expectations of defined area over a specific period of time. Budget explains how a business is doing in terms

  • Cross Sectional Analysis In Nursing

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    CHAPTER THREE RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research design This study was conducted using questionnaire based, cross sectional analysis. Questionnaire used were based on the translated survey questions obtained from a similar study performed in Japan in 1999 and Penang General Hospital in 2014 (Hyodo, 1999; Maryam Farooqui, 2014). Study method & Design The study population include cancer patients in Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah, Kuala Terengganu who underwent chemotherapy treatment in the hospital

  • Spth Case Study In Nursing

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    Case Write Up Mitral Stenosis with Secondary Pulmonary HTN Student name: Olla Alkhoja Student ID: u00036115 Demographics: Name: S. M. MRN#: 00089993 Age: 34 years Sex: Female Nationality: Indonesia Marital status: Married Occupation: house maid Chief Complaint: 34 y.o. female presenting with coughing of blood for the past week. Hx of Presenting illness: S. M. presented to the OPD with a 7 day history of cough. The cough is dryand occasionally contains streaks of blood.The coughing has