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Cultural Competency in Nursing Asian and Hispanic Populations Culture is best defined as one’s learned perspectives, behaviors, values, beliefs, traditions, and norms that directs decision making and outlook. (Douglas et al., 2014) Culture can influence all aspects of one’s life including views of health care and illness. Cultural competence is the ability of the nurse to understand and incorporate the patient’s culture into the plan of care and it is vital to achieving patient-provider trust, effective care, and optimal health outcomes in today’s culturally diverse population. (Hicks, 2012). In the United States, the two fastest growing minorities are the Asian and Hispanic populations. It is beneficial for a nurse to be familiar with…show more content…
The need to understand Hispanic cultures is imperative to effective health care as the Hispanic race is projected to make up 25.3% of the population by 2045 making Hispanics the fastest growing population in the United States. (Blais & Hayes, 2016) As previously stated, every culture is very different but understanding and being familiar with certain cultural commonalities, cultural competence, is a crucial ability the nurse must possess in delivering effective health care especially in Hispanic…show more content…
(Hicks, 2012) While the holistic healthcare movement is still open and expanding in the United States, the nurse should be aware of the concepts of interconnectedness and that some Hispanics seek Hispanic folk medicine which can involve herbal medications. The Hispanic culture greatly values trust and the Hispanic patient requires a sense of trust be established with the nurse prior to the discussion of any personal health issues. The best way the nurse can build such trust with the patient and his or her family is by understanding and respecting the patient’s cultural wishes, being culturally competent. (Hicks,

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