Registered Nurse's Abuse In Nursing Homes

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Abuse in Nursing Homes Not many people know what truly happens in nursing homes. People see nursing homes as great places for their loved ones to go and receive the care they need. In some cases, this is true, but in too many cases this is a false statement. Abuse happens in many nursing homes, sometimes the abuse unintentionally happens, but it does happen. Residents in nursing homes are abused behind closed doors, and not getting the respect they deserve. Therefore, we need to get cameras and make the qualifications stricter. Many American families are very busy with working to make money to provide for their family. Because families are always working, they are not able to take care of elderly loved ones all day and night. Today, a proven…show more content…
Many of the homes are thirty percent below the national average level for nurses; some homes have only one Registered Nurse for every twenty residents (Duhigg). These types of privately owned homes only provide approximately one hour of care per day to each resident (Duhigg). The residents who are unable to do things on their own will suffer from only getting about one hour of help because they have to depend on others to do things. This may not be bad for the residents who are ale to do things because they do not need to depend completely on others. Even though they are able to do things on their own, most residents should not be doing some things, such as getting up and going to the restroom. If a resident would fall while in the restroom and hit their head, the nursing home is at…show more content…
There may be a certain resident who is constantly calling a nurse or a staff member for no reason. When this happens the nurses become frustrated and sometimes angered, so the nurses should be trained to stay calm with the elderly. Some abuse to the elderly is minor, while other abuse is extreme; some nursing home patients have been abused to the max. In some cases residents have been drug down hallways, doused with ice water, beaten, as well as sexually abused in their own beds

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