Research Variables In Nursing

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CONCEPTS 1. Variables 2. Research Questions 3. Literature Review 4. Manipulation 5. Purposive Sampling 6. Observation in Research 7. Reliability 8. Testing Hypothesis 9. Abstract Writing 10. Informed Consent RESEARCH VARIABLES This is a concept, characteristic or trait that varies e.g. takes on measurably different values within an identified population in a research study (Rae W Longford 2001). The research variables of any scientific experiment or research process are factors that can be manipulated or measured. Any factor that can take on different value is a scientific variable and influences the outcome of experimental research ( https:/ variables). There are different types of variables and they are:…show more content…
Another variable is the availability of current textbooks in the library that student can learn more from and the environment of the class and hostels, are the environment condusive for learning, and so many other variables, if these variables and others can be manipulated well. Students will do better academically. USEFULLNESS OF THE CONCEPT TO THE CURRENT WORLD Research is going on everywhere and to achieve the objective of any research, variables must be manipulated. Without variables there will be no research. Ensuring that certain research variables are controlled increases the reliability and validity of any experiment, this will make other researchers to carry out the same experiment and comprehensively test the result…show more content…
In writing literature review, primary, secondary or tertiary sources will be search and ever databases. The internet services have really made it easy to review literature on any topic. 3.3APPLICATION OF THE CONCEPT IN THE CURRENT JOB In my current job as a tutor, before going for any lecture I need to search for the literature related to the topic am going to teach, this help in bridging the gap of what existed before and what is operating now, and also I do supervise research project of students, my knowledge in this area guide me in putting the student through whatever is needed. 3.4USEFULNESS OF LITERATURE REVIEW TO THE CURRENT WORLD Literature review guides the step by step process of any study, so literature review is very relevant to the success or otherwise of any study. Literature review help to move forward on work on any study, as it is through literature review that one known where somebody stopped on a particular topic of choice so new area of study on the same area can be

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