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The relationship between emotional intelligence and perceived stress among training nurses in Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) Healthcare disciplines are often identified as high stress professions. Among these disciplines, it is observed that nursing students undergo tremendous amounts of stress during various stages of their course (Papazisis et al, 2008). Nursing focuses on meeting physical, social and emotional health care needs of these individuals. In the process of meeting the needs, nurses often have to give care under emotionally intense conditions. Thus consequently exposing themselves to great amount of distress. Therefore nursing profession requires them to be emotionally vigilant to cater individuals with health care needs, while…show more content…
According to Thorndike (1928) social intelligence refers to the ability to manage and understand humans. The proximal roots of social intelligence was originated by Gardener (1983), in his concepts of interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence. EI has been frequently used in literature over a long period of time, however until Salovey & Mayor (1990) introduced the term as its present form. Thereafter, EI has gained great deal of academic attention and popularity. However the number of empirical work carried out on the construct is relatively low comparing to popularity it has gained (Petridesa, Frederickson & Furnham,…show more content…
A correlational method was followed as this study aims to study the relationship between two quantitative variables (emotional intelligence and perceived stress level). Participants The population sample for the present study was selected through systematic random sampling from FHS, Maldives National University. All the students enrolled in nursing program in the faculty were invited to participate in the study. A sample of 134 female nursing students (that constitutes more than two third of the total number 420) participated in the study. All the participants were aged 18-35 years with a mean age of 22.02. Materials All the participants received an information sheet explaining the nature of the study with a consent form. Demographic information of the participants were collected using a small questionnaire developed by the researcher for this purpose. The Schutte Self-report Emotional Intelligence Test

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