Teamwork In The Nursing Field

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Teamwork In The Nursing Field Marissa Royal Communication 5/27/2015 First, I would like to tell a quick story as to why I think teamwork is important. I worked in a restaurant and teamwork was essential but was lacking. All the servers are supposed to work together in one movie and serve guests. Unfortunately, this was not done properly. All the servers would do is fight with each other and nothing would get done. Sooner or later the guests would get upset because they were not receiving their food or drink. If we all would of worked as a team than everyone would of left happy. What is teamwork? "Teamwork is the process working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal (Business Dictionary, 2015)." Teamwork is very important in the nursing field. If nurses do not work together than the job will not be easy or efficient. When every nurse works together, they can all meet their patient needs, which will improve patient outcomes (Ward, 2013). Teamwork in the nursing field takes discipline, has many benefits, and every nurse needs to be an effective team player. According to Jennifer…show more content…
To be a reliable team member, a nurse needs to get work done and do their share of the hard work. They also need to follow through on assignments and maintain consistency (Brounstein, 2015). To communicate constructively, each team member needs to speak up and express their thoughts and ideas clearly, directly, honestly, and with respect for others and for the work of the team (Brounstein, 2015). According to Marty Brounstein (2015), Good listeners are essential for teams to function effectively (Brounstein, 2015). Nurses or team players need to absorb, understand, and consider ideas without arguing every point. They also need to take criticism without reacting defensively (Brounstein,

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