The Importance Of Care For Nursing

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England’s Chief Nursing Officer, Jane Cummings launched the 6Cs which was set out to allow for nurses and midwives to be able to provide the best possible care for others. Each C carries equal weight therefore by encouraging the 6C’s, it helps patients to be independent, improve health and provides a positive environment (Department of Health, 2012). The 6Cs include: care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment. Care is a fundamental element from the 6Cs which will be examined throughout this assignment. Caring is what defines us and how we work. The people who are receiving care expect to receive it to a high standard and consistently throughout their life span (Health Careers, 2016). The aim of this assignment is to…show more content…
This is important as it may lead to the patient shortening their time of required care. The importance of care for nursing allows the patient to feel that they are being cared for, listened to, respected and they trust that the nurses has their best interest in mind and not just doing their jobs. All the care given and how a patient feels is only based on the actions of the nurse. The overall outcome of the importance of care for nursing is a positive change, it allows the patient to have empowerment and an increase sense of wellbeing and health. Ensuring that the patients care environment is clean and includes personal items of the patients makes the physical environment a places that soothes and heals the mind, body and spirit (Patricia A. Potter,…show more content…
As care is important for many reasons as mentioned above, there is also multiple consequences for uncaring in a nursing role. If a nurse is uncaring in practice towards their patient it will have a negative effect on how the patients reacts. The nurse who is observed to be uncaring, is recognised as lacking concern for a patient as a person. The patient may be more willing to reach out to a nurse that they can trust and know they are caring rather than someone who seems to be rushing around and more focused on getting the job done or more interested in the equipment than in the person. Consequently, the patient may rather press the call bell for help rather than be independent and try walk to the bathroom alone (Wood, 2016). For the patient to be lying in a bed and unable to be as independent as they want, this may be very hard on the individual, on the other hand having a nurse that is uncaring and who seems like they don’t want to be there helping them, this would make the patient feel so much less independent. This would result in the sense of mistrust, disconnection from the nurse, a sense of uneasiness and discouragement which may result in longer length of recovery time. Due to a high patients load which results in overcrowded wards and understaffed nurses. It may be easier for nurses to simply treat the patient and move on to

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