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What Somebody is having the worst day of their life. The thought comes across me every time I hear an ambulance siren. There has always been something alluring changing that. For in a world of ever-increasing entropy, what’s so seductive of healthcare is the opportunity to transform crisis into something deliberate and meaningful. And through the past four years, nursing is how I have become a part of that day and the method by which I seek to make it right. Leaving campus last December, I drove past the UNG arch and spotted an elderly woman there with her family. She was leaning forward with her right fist clutched across her chest, giving the unmistakable Levine’s sign. It was exceptionally cold and windy day, likely contributing…show more content…
I see the opportunity and the purpose in what I have sought. Everything I have done to this point only has the potential to be meaningful. For outside of clinical practice, medical knowledge sits in a vacuum that emits nothing and is of no benefit to anyone. However, when obscure knowledge or assessment data determine a patient’s outcomes, that makes knowledge and effort meaningful. Admittedly, I have thought healthcare to be excitement with a good cause, but perhaps my pursuit is only the sum deep-seated complexes. The underlying reasons for which I am not entirely sure. I do know that I have long since resented the “I want to help people” cliché. Anyone can help people, so it is an arbitrary to notion to see healthcare simply as a vehicle to serve others. I see healthcare as a calculated offer of reprieve and a protection of a patient’s identity. And I think of all the warped reasons people pursue healthcare. The most reprehensible reason is entering nursing and medicine for money. Above all, healthcare is goodwill for sale, and lives do not have price tags. I am not in nursing for religion, love, money, or glory. I am in nursing, because that the worst day of someone’s life does not have to be so life altering. Because at the end of the day, healthcare has nothing to do with saving lives, and everything to do with preserving the life that was once

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