The Importance Of Leadership In Nursing

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Leadership involves bringing people together and motivating them to accomplish specific set goals (Plonien, 2015). Leadership in nursing is a critical field that is needed in the nursing profession and patient care (Plonien, 2015). Exceptional leaders in the nursing profession are required to motivate the staff to provide patient-centered care and increase their productivity in providing patient care (Plonien, 2015). Several specific qualities are necessary for effective leadership that differs in different people. Essential attributes that are required for effective leadership include effective communication with their followers concerning their goals and visions, ability to make critical decisions based on the psychological differences of…show more content…
Lin et al .,2015 did a study on transformational leadership, supports the findings from the interview. The study reports that transformational leadership entails a clear vision which motivates the team members and enhances the productivity of the nursing staff ( Lin et al.,2015) The power enjoyed by MJ as a nurse leader in the emergency department is referent power (Wais, 2017). The referent power is due to the trust and the admiration that MJ enjoys as a transformational leader and a role model for the nursing staff in the emergency department (Wais, 2017). Reflection on the experience and impact on my future as a nurse The interview project provided me with some fresh insights on nursing leadership. The nursing profession is considered as a stressing due to the tremendous challenges, and transformational leadership as demonstrated by MJ is necessary. The interview has educated me on the importance of leadership in nursing and provoked an interest to pursue leadership when I start practicing nursing. I have learned the importance of being a team player in the clinical setting as it has a significant effect on the safety of the…show more content…
Transformational leadership as demonstrated by my interviewee MJ is essential in implementing change in the hospital setting. Proper communication, integrity, and excellent problem-solving skills are necessary qualities of a good leader. MJ is passionate about empowerment of his fellow nursing colleagues by involving them in the decision-making process, giving them challenges to improve their clinical and leadership skills. Efficient teams in the emergency department improve patient experiences, reduce mortality and morbidity rates and improve the overall image of the hospitals (Wais, 2017). References Chagani, S. M. I. (2015). Transformational Leadership In Emergency Department For Nursing Staff Retention. i-Manager's Journal on Nursing, 5(2), 4. Delgado, C., & Mitchell, M. M. (2016). A survey of current valued academic leadership qualities in nursing. Nursing education perspectives, 37(1), 10-15. Lin, P. Y., MacLennan, S., Hunt, N., & Cox, T. (2015). The influences of nursing transformational leadership style on the quality of nurses’ working lives in Taiwan: a cross-sectional quantitative study. BMC nursing, 14(1), 33. Plonien, C. (2015). Using Personality Indicators to Enhance Nurse Leader Communication. Association of Operating Room Nurses. AORN Journal, 102(1),

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