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1-Define the occupational health nursing. 2-List the scope of occupational health nursing. 3- Describe work health interactions. 4-Identify the team of occupational health and safety programs. 5-Discus the role of community health nursing in occupational health. -Introduction: -No work is completely risk free and all health care professionals should have some basic knowledge about workforce populations, work and related hazards, and methods to control hazards and improve health. -Definition and scope of occupational health Nursing The specialty practice that focuses on the promotion, prevention and restoration of health within the safe and healthy environment. -It involves the prevention of adverse health effects occupational…show more content…
-The Function of AAOHN  Promotes the health and safety of workers.  Defines the scope of practice and sets the standards of occupational health nursing practice.  Promote and provide continuing education in the specialty.  Advances the profession through supporting research.  Responds to and influence public policy issues related to occupational health and safety. Work Health Interactions Host(workers and family) Agent(workplace hazard) Environment (External factors) Host factors are associated with increased risk to the work place hazards Each worker represents a host within the worker population group • Age and gender. • Health status. • Work practice. • Ethnicity. • Lifestyle factors. -The host factors of age, gender and work experience combine by increased risk for injury due to • lack of knowledge. • Lack of familiarity with the new job. Older workers have increased risk due to • Diminished sensory abilities. • The effect of chronic illness. • Delayed reaction times Women in child bearing years very susceptible to workplace exposure because: • The hormonal changes during these years. • Transplacental…show more content…
-Determine prevention steps that can be taken to minimize potential health problem. * Health assessment of individual includes: Occupational health histories -A list of current and past jobs the client has held -Current and past exposure to specific agents and relationship between the symptoms and activities at work. -Other factors that may enhance the client’s susceptibility to occupational agents (smoking, underlying illness, previous injury, disability). *The nurse notice the influence of work health interaction -The nurse should be aware that not all workers are well informed about they work potential hazards. -The nurse must develop basic knowledge about the types of jobs held by clients and the possible hazards associated with them. -During these health assessment, the nurse has the opportunity to teach about workplace hazards and preventive measures the worker can use. Workplace Assessment The nurse should review the work process and work areas or locations in the workplace. To know *What hazards may be present. *Understanding the type of job. *Health requirements. Description of the work environment. To know *Overall picture of general appearances and

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