Nursing Ontological Perspective Analysis

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For the purpose of this assignment the author will critically review nursing’s ontological perspective as a practice discipline. In order to achieve this, the author will explain what an ontology perspective to nursing means. The author will define what is nursing and the nature of nursing. This will be looked at from an ontological nursing perspective. The author will discuss the characteristics that determine the nursing perspective. The key aspects to knowledge as a practice discipline will be addressed. Concluding with the main points outlined. Ontology is a concept used in philosophy which studies the nature of beings and the relationships which exist. (Melesis 2011) Ontology is used in a variety of different disciplines. In nursing,…show more content…
(Melesis 2011) In order for effective nursing practice, knowledge is a necessary component and a quality nurses require. This will give rational as to why a task is carried out in a particular way and how to know when it necessary to carry out a task. Knowledge needs to be central, foundational, intensive and extensive to all who are undertaking the nursing curriculum. (Smith and McCarthy 2010) Nurses applied knowledge to basic or complex tasks in order to obtain achievable client goals. This shows that nursing is a practice orientated discipline. (Melesis 2011) Nurses need to have an understanding of comfort, restlessness and confusion for example in order to develop applied knowledge. As a result nurses are able to support, advocate and clarify for the client. The goal of knowledge is to gain a better understanding of nursing care needs and how to better care for the client. Knowledge development will assist in practice orientation which shapes nursing perspective. (Melesis 2011) The development of knowledge assists in caring for the dying and living patient and assists with quality of life choices. (Willis et al 2008) In delivery of effective care to the client it is vital that all nurses are empowered with knowledge. This Knowledge enhances the well being of the client, resulting in the client and having the knowledge to care for themselves and to manage their symptoms. As a result of client knowledge, they can reduce their suffering and healing is promoted. (Willis et al 2008) There is a knowledge based gap between the implementation of knowledge by nurses in the clinical areas. The ongoing development of the nursing discipline is dependent on nursing knowledge in development and practice. (Smith and Liehr

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