Scope Of Nursing Practice Essay

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Nurses have an exceptional responsibility to the public and to their patients. It is important that they know what is in their scope of practice and what is not, there is so much that a Registered Nurse can do that it can be easy to forget what their scope of practice is and what is not in their scope. The Nursing Practice act is designed with the intent of making sure that the scope for Nurse’s is available and underlined so that there isn’t much of a question about it. The Nurse Practice Act states there are eleven different scopes that nurses can follow. One of the scopes that I wasn’t aware of is: establishing a nurse diagnosis; I wasn’t aware of this scope before reading the Nurse Practice Act, I thought that only Doctor’s, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants were the only ones who could make any kind of diagnoses. I can see why this would be important for nurses to know that they are able to make diagnoses for their patients if a doctor is not around to make these diagnoses for themselves and the patient is having some kind of medical emergency that needs to be treated right away, the nurse is able to make the appropriate diagnosis and treat the patient in a safe and properly. It also gives them the…show more content…
I understand now after reading about nurse’s care of plan is a little bit different from doctor’s care of plan, although it does put in place some of the doctor’s plan, nurses plan of care is designed specifically to the nurse’s care of a specific patient because not every patient is going to have the same care of plan since every patient is different from the next. This is important to know as a student nurse because it is important to make a plan of care for each individual patient that way they are treated in a way that fits their

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