My Nursing Model Paper

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My nursing model reflects the four nursing concepts. The train and rail road are example of the four nursing concepts. The engine represent health, conductor represent nursing, cars represent human, and rail track represent environment The philosophy of nursing is defined as the intellectual and affective outcomes of the professional nurse's efforts to: 1) understand the ultimate relationships between humans, their environment, and health 2) approach nursing as a scientific discipline 3) Integrate a sense of values; and 4) articulate a personal belief system about human beings, environment, health, and nursing as a process, according to Leddy & Pepper (1998). To understand the ultimate relationships between humans, their environment and health…show more content…
Nurses are to use their knowledge and skill to provide the care that is appropriate for and required by patients. Nurses must provide care according to the standards that have been set by the profession. This requires an ongoing critical assessment of one's professional nursing practice by self and others. This process enables nurses to improve their knowledge and skill so that patients and their families benefit. Nurses integrate a sense of value by reflecting on their personal experiences and examine their personal beliefs regarding patient care. The nurse can reflect on the reasons for choosing nursing as a career. It's important to reflect on one's character because personal qualities and characteristics help determine trust in a relationship. Quality care follows from a relationship based on trust and the promise that nurses have made to give competent and compassionate care. Nurses need to continually assess their ability to function within the health care system and the change in staff and skill mix. Nurses have the responsibility to maintain their competence and are accountable to communicate performance deficiencies. By communicating performance deficiencies to their supervisor, educational programs may be implemented to address these needs. This continuing assessment means nurses can better guarantee they are keeping their promise to provide due
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