Gender Differences In Nursing

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Nursing, is a demanding and an exhausting career in the society. Because of the shortage and high demand on the medical treatment, there are some changes in this generation. Firstly, the gender stereotype of nurse is changing. The government had hiring more nurses not only the female but also the male so as to solve the problem of supply does not meet the demand. The popularity of male nurse is raised increasingly. There will be more manpower to serve for the patients, it will be favorable for the society. Secondly, the level of education which is life-long process and more tight than before in order to ensure the quality of the service. The nurses need to have all-rounded learning such as studying the specialized subjects to keep their horizon updated. Compared to the past, there are more opportunities for us the have the clinical practice not just the knowledge inside the books. Additionally, the Some of the nurse can not just only listen and obey from the doctor but also be an assistance who is allowed to administer the medications by their judgment. Therefore, the status of nurse is enhanced.…show more content…
Although the external factors are altered every second, but our mission and belief will stand firmly no matter what happened. According to the definition of the core of nursing is that using the clinical judgment to provide care to people including their disability or sickness, until the end of their life. Letting people to have improvement, maintainability, or recovery of health, dealing to their health problems and gaining high quality of
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