Nursing Becoming Influential

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Becoming Influential The fact that the nursing story has seldom been told can result in a lack of public awareness of nursing, which downplays the work nurses do, and limits the ability to attract young people to the profession (Sullivan, 2013). Often when nurses are being portrayed in the media, it is usually in a negative fashion (Donelan, Buerhaus, DesRiches, Dittus and Dutwin, 2008). The public including ourselves and our families will all require a nurse at some time. This paper will focus on the issues and causes revolving around nursing shortages. Deciding on My Message I came to the decision to address the issue of nursing shortages, because I have firsthand knowledge of its impact on the wellbeing of both patient and nurses and the community at large. Laschinger, Finegan, Shamian and Wilk (2003) stated “the nursing profession is currently experiencing a serious nursing shortage” (p.2). I currently work at a long term care facility where short staffing is common. I see the negative impact on patient care; stress and anxiety nurses have to endure. Nursing shortages is an issue that greatly affects the nursing profession and contributes too many of the problems nurses face. Lanchinger and Fida (2014) believes that emotional exhaustion, cynicism and personal efficacy are three main components of nursing shortages. Nursing shortages affects all aspects of health care and must be addressed to achieve a good health care system.…show more content…
Financial incentives to PSW and RPN to become RN may help in address the shortage in the long

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