Professionalism In Nursing Essay

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To understand the word professionalism, we must first understand the word profession. As defined in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word is profession is as follows: “a calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive academic preparation; a principal calling, vocation, or employment; whole body of persons engaged in a calling”. So what does this mean in terms of the nursing field? In order to understand this question, it is important to look not only at the vigorous training nurses must receive but to also explore the Code of Ethics for Nurses and how nurses are incorporating those ethics into their every day practice through care, compassion and communication. In order to even sit down and test to become licensed as a nurse, it is required that you attend a certain…show more content…
Skills, knowledge, attitude and performance all play a vital role in developing a professional nurse. In order to continually improve upon all nursing outcomes, these characteristics must cohabitate and work together each day in terms of evidence based practice, critical thinking and clinical decision-making (Palos, 2014). Ways the student nurse can practice and improve on these is to enter the classroom with confidence beginning on the first day of school, ready and eager to promote patient safety, wellness, and health. As well as being advocates for patients, student nurses must also be advocates for themselves and their classmates. Nurses are expected to be accommodating, communicative, compassionate and caring, and this needs to first start with the self. It is hard to summarize the role of the nurse in just one word, because nurses play all the roles mentioned above. A nurse can also be a caregiver, a teacher, a manager of care and when needed, a confidant. It is important to always maintain a level of professionalism, as well as a good rapport with all

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