A Modest Proposal Rhetorical Analysis

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Many people fail to see that writing is not only an art but a skill which can be difficult to master. Sure, most people have the ability to write but to be able to compose a piece which can make the audience feel something and to see something that maybe they didn’t notice before is a completely different thing. Even the most talented English literature students can have problems when trying to compel a good argument. Some people just have a natural ability to stoke up strong feelings about issues in their fellow man and woman in the things they say and the things that they write. Writers seem to reveal this rare talent in times when people are suffering especially when their hardship is going unheeded. In Ireland, writers seen that incidents like these were far too common and that the Irish Catholic people suffered a lot down through the centuries. In particular Jonathan Swift saw during his own period, in the 18th century,…show more content…
Swift employs this level of sarcasm because of the unbelievable poor conditions faced by the Catholics of Ireland and the fact that nothing was being done to improve their conditions. It is only when the reader reaches paragraph 8 that his very cutting use of sarcasm can truly be seen. ‘A Modest Proposal’ at this time and even now a days is an example of genius in sarcasm and an invaluable piece in helping English literature students understand how to write compelling arguments that will grab the reader’s attention. Sarcasm a very effective tool used by Swift but not the only one, he also makes very good points using economical and mathematical statistics. All these aspects tied together develops Swift’s proposal into a very good and memorable piece which students today still study in great

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