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William Leith is a journalist who has written about various diverse subjects such as Palestine or drugs. He writes regularly for the Guardian, the Observer, and the Daily Telegraph. His first book, The Hungry Years, was published by Bloomsbury in 2005. Additionally, another piece of work written by Leith is the article “The Bitter Truth about Sugar”. This article comes off as an objective piece that raises enlightening, yet enjoyable information with the use of amusing vocabulary concerning the disadvantages of the toxicity of sugar. In the article “The Bitter Truth about Sugar” written by the author William Leith (2012), an endocrinologist called Robert Lustig emphasizes his hypothesis that sugar is a toxic poison that is found everywhere…show more content…
He tries to build a relationship with the wide audience by using simple vocabulary. For example, "Poison Shmoison" (Leith, 2012, para. 5) is a casual, entertaining expression with a mocking tone behind it that describes how Leith is attempting to voice what the majority of individuals are stating regarding the laws on sugar. A further example is “It’s probably sugar coated, like a Smartie” (Leith, para.17), this may appeal to the readers as it’s said in a relatable and convincing way. This will help improve the understanding and persuasion of the readers. “We don’t want the sugar police, do we?” (Leith, para.5) is an alternate expression written in a mocking tone which several people may find exceptionally exciting. Moreover, there is a sense of humor behind it that will grab the reader’s attention as it also influences the readers to think in a similar way as Lustig and Leith. When the writer uses colloquial language, he has a tendency to clarify it further to make it more justifiable and agreeable to the audience. This educational, yet diverting approach will similarly help persuade the readers with his own point of view concerning sugar and its

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