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WW4 – Self as Writer Throughout my entire academic career, I have noticed that there are a few areas in my writing that I succeed well in. Most of the time I am able to craft an attention-grabbing introduction and conclusion that also inform. I think this is because when I was in high school we were instructed heavily to create an opening and closing to a paper that could summarize the rest of the paper if they were to be the only thing we wrote. I try to assure that my thoughts flow well or that they are well organized to keep my reader’s, or most likely grader’s, attention. If a reader does not know where a writer is going or if the writer jumps back and forth between points then the reader becomes lost and loses interest. I try to make sure that every paragraph is a short paper in its own. I also attempt to make sure similar points are grouped with each other and that a transition sentence between points is included in some way. Finally, one of the stronger aspects of my writing is that if I know what I am writing about I can go into large detail about any argument I am trying to make. However I can begin to ramble on and…show more content…
This usually leads to several sentences feeling out of place and or unnecessary when looking back at my writing. This also includes run-on sentences. I have difficulty in separating a long string of thought. This usually results in sentences appearing more like paragraphs. I also have difficulty in making sure the syntax, or order of my sentences, is correct. Often times many of my sentences suffer when I do not realize that the beginning and ending of a sentence contradict or do not make any sense at all. The biggest problem I deal with in my writing is including unnecessary wording in my writing. The biggest culprit is the phrase “in order to” because in my head it sounds right, but it just takes up extra space that could be used for other arguments or

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