Personal Narrative: Myself As A Writer

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I’ve always thought writing was pretty fun. It is something to do that takes you completely away from your body into to a state of mental non-awareness, where only the content of your mind exists. It can be frustrating, for sure, but can also be very rewarding. Although I like to think I am a reasonably good writer, there are things I do have a tough time with. I think over all, my writing lacks maturity. This is exemplified by my poor organizational skills and bad conclusions. But, with work, I can become strong where I was once weak. There are some things I’m already pretty good at. My vocabulary has always been strong, and I am fairly eloquent. Both of these strengths are likely the product of years of reading and being read to. When I was little, my mother and father would spend ours reading to me. Countless times, I remember my dad getting home from work, taking off his coat, and sitting down to read out loud while I sprawled on the floor, listening and playing with Lego. Because of that time spent, I developed a love for literature that still often has me up late at night with a book. But, despite my abilities, there are some things I have a really hard time with when it comes to writing. One of the biggest challenges throughout my academic career, in regards to writing, has been…show more content…
I am terribly, awfully, forgetful. As I type, I will think about just what I want to say, but I think so much faster than I type, so I also wind up stopping to remember a sentence or two that I loved, but have already forgotten. This has already happened to me twice since I started writing this. I think the worst time was in 7th grade when i was writing an essay about the Amazon rainforest. I remember very distinctly, I was sitting at my desk typing, and I came up with a wondrous sentence describing the mating habits of the capybara, and I just forgot it. Eventually I settled for a second-rate sentence

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