Zadie Smith Fail Better

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Writing is an art that not many people understand. Some individuals are able to tear at a painting, while others gasp aloud when seeing a theater performance. A painted portrait and theater are forms of commination. Likewise, writing is a communication tool that opens up the heart, and reveals a roadway of emotions. Some of these emotions are positive, while others are negative. Like emotions, literature can be very unpredictable. There are the pressures to make powerful and influential works, which creates an increased chance of disappointed in oneself. Zadie Smith understands these circumstances. In “Fail Better,” Smith explores the writer’s understandings of his own works, communicating concepts that is understood among writers, but not to readers. It is unpredictable whether a novel will be successful. It is even far more confusing for them since some writers fail to sense the connection that they have with their own novels. “Feel Better” opens with a character named Clive, an educated young man who is determined to create the perfect novel. And so, after three years of writing a novel, Clive is disappointed in his work. He cannot connect with his own character, Maria Gomez. Furthermore, this makes Clive wonder if he may be able to connect with Maria Gomez if he was the reader. Even though…show more content…
“Craftsmanship” being by far the best symbol to describe literature. In fact, reading the statement multiple times gives further and further insight. In a simple explanation, a craft cannot be created without a craftsman, who places his effort, determination, and humanity into his work, so that the craft comes alive. A craft created by a human will be more expensive, but appreciated far more than one created by a machine. It is similar to one of the two Judeo-Christian Biblical accounts of God giving life to man, where God breathed life into man, which was only a human mold of

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