Personal Reflective Analysis

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To be able to advance as a writer, constructive criticism is an essential tool. My personal reflection paper received a lot of positive feedback; however, it also received feedback that lets me know what I vigorously need to work on. I also realized that I have grown, even just slightly, from the first preliminary paper in which I first evaluated myself. From reviewing my critiqued reflection paper, the weaknesses and strengths I possess have been more accentuated for me to evaluate and revise more competently. When I began this semester I believed writing and grammar came fairly easy and straightforward to me; nonetheless, it became clear to me that there were quite a few grammar techniques I did not know nor was aware of using properly. A substantial weakness I appear to have is wording sentences the correct way. In the majority of my paper I saw that in almost every paragraph a word or two had been crossed out and replaced either by a suggestion of a new word or a more proper way to address the subject. This also comes as a fault when I am referring to a person or specific subject. The emphasis is not always…show more content…
I never used semicolons mainly as a result of being unaware of their purpose. However, I knew from reading so many books throughout my life that semicolons were to be used when a sentence was not ready to end. Browsing through my paper and picking out all the comma splices really highlights to me how I am using them incorrectly. Furthermore, I learned that a sentence, every now and then, just comes to an endpoint. In some of my sentences I saw that adding an ineffective comma followed by an unrelated thought made my paper look choppy and unprofessional. Regardless of my misuse of commas, it became clear that what little semicolons I did utilize, I did a good job in my placement of them. Despite my weaknesses, I also found that I have strengths

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