Dan Meltzer Rhetorical Analysis

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When understanding the rhetoric situation, Dan Meltzer encourages that we acknowledge the five main factors that allow us “to effectively communicate something to someone else” (Metzer 2). Meltzer goes into explicit detail of why the rhetoric situation is needed in writing. He starts by expressing the need to have a purpose as to why you are writing and also an audience to whom you are writing to. Establishing a persona which expresses the attitude of the writer, and the text which defines the genre. Lastly, it’s also having a context which includes influential factors on the writer. It is important for students to understand that writing is situated because it constructs and valorizes new disciplinary perspectives and affects the assembly…show more content…
The writer should become familiar with his or her audience by understanding what they take interest in and what they want to know. The audience also effects the writer’s purpose, style, and persona. When writing for the eye, the writer’s goal is to promptly gain the attention of the audience. When there’s a given audience, it provides the writer a chance to influence the readers feelings and views on a specific topics whether the writer is trying to persuade, argue, or inform. For example, if your class assignment was to write a memo for a doctors patients explaining the negative and positive effects of smoking tobacco, the way you present and organize your writing shifts due to the audience. Even though teachers are primarily the “audience”, they “play a variety of roles when they read and respond to your writing” (Metzer 2). Knowing who is being addressed in your writings is very important when trying to create an efficient essay because it helps to select appropriate information, vocabulary, and styles for your specific…show more content…
The persona expresses the attitude in which the writer feels about his or her topic. “Writers use who they are, what they know and feel, and what they’ve seen and done to find their attitudes toward a subject and their understanding of a reader” (Roskelly 3). Persona sets the tone of the essay and can be recognized by the level of formality the writer is using. For instance, in college, the use of formal writing is used rather than informal class writing with peers. Personas will always change because “ each rhetorical situation will demand a different voice and style” (Metzer

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