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Art: The Foundation of Creativity Introduction The once bare walls were now splashed with the vivid colors of the students’ art. Though the room appeared plain from a glance, it was contrasted by the students’ creative masterpieces. With further investigation, the room wouldn’t look as plain as it seemed; paint splattered the floor, graphite smeared every surface, and canvases lined the desks full of unfinished work. The imaginative creativity and devotion was evident on the thoughtful, fresh faces of the students that bustled about the room. The atmosphere was intoxicating with positivity as creation lingered through the room. The pieces that lined the walls remained different, yet told the same story--they are used as a tool to speak when words are rendered useless. The importance of art education needs to be addressed so that environments such as this can be maintained. 1. What is Art? Though many people believe…show more content…
It teaches students to learn for the experience of learning and not just for the grade. Involvement in the arts teaches students how to try new things, manage risk, and handle failure . . . education in the arts levels the playing field for disadvantaged children. It offers a continual challenge for successful students as the possibilities for improvement are always endless. The arts are able to reach students who do not do well in a typical classroom setting and ultimately gives them a reason to stay in school. These students usually excel in the arts and this success leads to improvement in the classroom. Participants in arts related after-school programs typically do better in school and their personal lives than others in same socioeconomic class without arts involvement. Student artwork helps teachers to know their students better so that they can understand how they learn and teach more effectively” (“Importance of

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