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The sculptures I have chosen are both made from marble, the Statue of a Kouros, being the first of the two sculptures that caught my attention and the Statue of Hermes. According to the description at the museum, the Kouros sculpture originated from Attica, Greece meanwhile the statue of Hermes is the Roman interpretation of a Greek sculpture. These sculptures represent two different cultures but when visually analyzing them you can see the art influence of other cultures. It was my first time going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I enjoyed walking through the different exhibitions; it felt like going back in time. The first exhibit I entered was the Ancient Egyptian display. Although I was fascinated by the earthy tones of the Egyptian art and the fascinating caskets that were decorated uniquely, I leaned more towards the marble sculptures for the delicacy that it displayed when trying to imitate the draping effect of a robe such as that of the Sculpture of…show more content…
The sculpture, a Roman copy of a Greek sculpture, is standing in a contrapposto position. similar to the posture of sculptures during the early classical period in Greece. Unlike the serious and sturdy form of the MArble Statue of Kouros, this statue appears to have a more laid back persona; the body is no longer tense showing a more natural and human-like form compared to the Statue of Kouros. Another classical period adaptation was the curly hairstyle that decorates the top of Hermes’ hair. Hernes, in contrast to Kouros, is shown with muscles that are more prominent. Later sculptures in Greece became idealized and made sure to show the healthy bodies of young males, the Romans were in awestruck and began to shape similar sculptures. The marble sculpture shows a natural form because of the contours carved to show abs. Features such as abs, muscles, and the broad shoulders indicate the strength that Hermes

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