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There are many art forms that have existed for many generations, from sculpting, to theater, to music. With each new culture, different forms of art pop up, and stake their claim as being great. We have seen the evolution of culture throughout the ages, and seen the way art comes to play in the everlasting impacts it has. It began with the ancient cave paintings, giving a form of communication through art, coming through to the classical age, with the introduction of theater, which grew with the form of music and storytelling. We find that art builds on art, creating new wonders from what people have found in between. Since the very beginning of time, the arts have been at the heart of many cultures, from ancient times until today. The first cultures had art at their core, starting with the cavemen. They created cave paintings, using them to depict hunts, as well as record general history and events. These cave paintings gave a form of communication between…show more content…
Art was used by the ancient Egyptians in many ways, shown through the art depicting their gods, and goddesses, as well as the art of mummification. The stories they told were written and held sacred, as a way of understanding the world, and hopefully explaining it in the only way they could. The art used by the Egyptians was abundant, evolving in later years. Alongside the ancient forms of art, the Greek culture focused on theater, creating many works still looked at today, such as “Antigone” and the works of their gods. They wrote many plays, great poetry, and philosophies that spread through the western world, giving way to even greater philosophers such as Desecrates. The focus of art in the Greeks used was seen in almost every facet of their culture, even reflecting on their view of the human body, seeing beauty as an art in itself, honing and training themselves to be what they saw as

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