Aboriginal Art Research Paper

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Discuss the ways in which Indigenous art works are objectifications of cultural expression (Aboriginal histories, religious beliefs, cultural/linguistic practices) and political interventions. Art is central to Aboriginal life. Whether it is made for political, social, utilitarian or didactic purposes, art is inherently connected to the spiritual domain. Art is a means by which the present is connected with the past and human beings with the supernatural world. Prior to the arrival of art in the late eighteenth century, Aboriginal art was made purely to fulfill traditionally cultural needs, and this has remained the case in varying degrees since. The spiritual life of Aboriginal people centers on the Dreaming, an ontological tradition. The Dreaming focus on the the activities of supernatural beings who, in both human and non-human form, travelled across the continent of Australia, manifesting everything into being. The all…show more content…
These manifestations of Aboriginal culture were not readily seen as art but, rather, as ethnographic evidence. Aboriginal artifacts had been collected by man of the early explorers and settlers. Some collections were housed in scientific museums, museums of natural history and in personal collections of colonized culture. the continuing and evolving traditions from the bark paints of the Arnhem Land and the canvases of the desert and the Kimberley to a variety of media and techniques used by rural and urban artists. Patterns of power: Arnhem land represents one of the richest art producing regions of

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