The Importance Of Writing In Writing

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For me I have always believed my writing to be lacking a little something. I knew my writing could be much stronger with a few drafts and a lot of improvements in my concentration while writing. When it comes to writing I am the type of person whom can make multiple attempts at prewriting and drafting. This is a hard process at times for me as I am normally the type to get right to the point while trying to write something. I tend to make it to were I can get what I need to be said in a paragraph or less. So being asked to write a longer essay about my writing style is a little rough for me. I am a very easily distracted person when things are happening around me. The one strategy that seems to help me focus on my writing is the drafting and prewriting process. I can get my ideas down on paper and plan out how and where I am going to place…show more content…
When I sat down to read Lamott’s article “Shitty First Drafts” it instantly spoke to me. I understood a lot of the things she talked about because I felt she was talking about me. I am a drafter. I will plot out what I want to say and tend to rewrite multiple times and toss them and may others out. But I have learned from this article that those are my shitty first, second, and third drafts. In some of those there maybe something worth looking at again and maybe re wording to add to my final draft. I must learn to sit back and remind myself that these are good too, others maybe not so much. In the end I will have that perfect final draft made up of all my crappy rough drafts. These are for my eyes as Lamott says. We all at times can be our own worse enemy when it comes to our writing. Yet our professors my see our work as having the makings for a great essay or response. We must trust in ourselves to be the best writers we are even with all our drafts and distractions causing our delayed

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