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Writing is an essential, productive skill to succeed in academics. But, the ESL learners are not able to master writing skills due to lack of reading habits, grammar and vocabulary. According to Sheils (1975), despite the importance of writing, there has been a long-standing concern that many people do not develop the competence needed to use writing to meet fully and successfully according to the demands for writing at school and work. Writing helps to • To draw a conclusion • To present theory with evidence • To describe, narrate and analyse • To write without grammatical errors • Able to present and organize ideas in a coherent way. • To be able to effectively write to convince the audience. • To write on different genres of writing…show more content…
• To use organization, rhetoric, content, grammar properly. • To use right vocabulary So, the learners should understand the importance of writing and learn. II.WRITERS BLOCKS Nagini.P (2014) mentioned that the writer may have false assumptions or myths that may act as blocks when she/he starts to write. The blocks are unrevealed audience, educational system in training writing and grammatical mistakes act as writers blocks). In such situations, portfolio can be the best choice to overcome the blocks. Pylkkänen and McElree (2006) added that the learners have to construct sentences bearing in mind grammatical coordination, appropriate lexis and correct spellings. It can be said that this is the best way of improving writing skills. RATIONALE 1. The Industry, society and the learners stress on communicative skills and fluency in language. 2. The development in the economic growth and IT, automobile industries need engineers with excellent language skills along with technical skills. 3. The technologies and large classrooms provide fewer opportunities for implementing process approach to writing. 4. Learners at the tertiary level need to be motivated to focus on their writing skills by involving them in learning through peer

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