The Importance Of Workplace Writing

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In today’s globalized world, the spread of science and technology and the globalized economy have all helped the revolution in workplace as well as education worldwide. As a result, English has become the lingua-franca including in countries which English is not a first language [21]. Besides, English is accustomed as the language of both global economy and technology [7]. Workplace writing receives relatively similar influences as globalization formed its concepts since 30 years ago. In order that workplace writing may be performed in a coveted way, the workforces can perform their tasks by utilizing technological writing tools. After all, the current workplaces are dominated by the Millennial generation or the generation Y who belongs to…show more content…
Thus, the experiences of the Millennial workforces whose English is their second language deploy technological writing tools to perform their workplace writing is looked into in the present study. The deploy of technological tools as a means to accomplish written tasks promotes many benefits namely meaningful as it also facilitates learning and helps improve vocabulary learning [24]. In understanding the meaning of their experiences with the technological writing tools, a combination of what really happens, with what is experienced and displayed into the Millennial workforces’ reality helps to reveal the phenomenon [15]. The findings of the present study provide data for English for occupational purposes designers and providers when they design or give a new and improved form or appearance to the courses to meet the needs of the 21st century workplaces. The study is focused on answering the research question: What were the experiences of the Millennial workforces with technological writing tools in performing workplace…show more content…
Philosophical assumptions were crucial to the main themes, which reveals the event. On the other hand, ontology considered the description of an individual’s experience and its meaning as well as the draw on reduction and bracketing method in an effort to obtain the real meaning of the event [18, 22]. Although a qualitative study could follow different designs, the present study was drawn up from the approach recommended by Moustakas (1994) [15]. It is in line with the objective of the study to gain understanding on the lived experiences of the Millennial workforces who deploy technological writing tools to perform workplace writing at their workplace. After all, phenomenology is bound to to describe experiences which is the lived experience of an individual and committed in questions that direct to the conscious mind to understand a phenomenon

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