Socioeconomic Status

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Introduction Parental involvement during a child’s secondary level education is often limited or not present at all. Throughout the course of their education, students have been used to parents being involved in their education from elementary years. Parents participated in more in field trips, school celebrations and parent-teacher conferences. However, as children get older greater distance is created between the parents and the school. As a child matures into the role of a secondary level student, parents are often excluded from school activities. The environment and personal characteristics of students play a significant role in their academic success. Factors and determinants of achievement of students or the academic success have been…show more content…
Socioeconomic status is generally divided into three categories i.e., high socioeconomic status, middle socioeconomic status and low socioeconomic. Azhar et al. (2013) found that the students with high level of socioeconomic status perform better than the middle class students and the middle class students perform better than the students with low level of socioeconomic status. M.S Farooq (2011) pointed towards socioeconomic status of family as one of the important factors and view that parental occupation has little effect on students’ academic performance than their education. High socioeconomic status of the parents plays as a crucial role and a fundamental in the enhancement of their children’s academic achievement (Suleman, Hussain, Ullah Khan, & Nisa, 2012). Vellymalay (2012) said that in their research, the greater the strength of the parental involvement in their child’s education is because the higher the level of parent’s socioeconomic status and therefore it enables their child to receive the skills, knowledge, behavior and values that are needed for their academic…show more content…
According to Eamon (2005), the academic achievement is effected by mother’s education and the children who are highly educated mothers obtain higher test scores. G.R Memons et all. (2010) analysis and interpretation of data enabled him to conclude that students whose parents are well educated perform better than those students whose parents are less educated. Educated parents can provide such an environment that suits best for academic success of their children (Azhar, Nadeem, Naz, Perveen, & Sameen, 2013). They also stated that parent’s educational qualification is linked with their language competence, which has a significant influence in manner in which parent’s communicate with their children. Based on their educational background and academic qualifications, the parents’ guide their child on the homework given by the school if the child encounters difficulties in completing it and the parents also sit together to make sure that all homework is completed (Vellymalay,

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